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On the Proliferation of External Soft Power as a Weapon and Internal Enclave Security: A Mandate for Unyielding Allegiance in the Face of Foreign Subversion

The Silent Siege of Mithuth

Even in the heart of our enclave, carved by the hands of the Family, we face the constant threat of an unseen adversary that seeks to undermine the very essence of our existence, held back only by the guidance of the Mother. Let these pages serve as both a stark warning and a rallying cry, urging us to fortify our defenses against the subversive influences of Fade-chasers that aim to corrode the bedrock of our most cherished and budding leviathan.

Mithuth, our black iron tower with it’s security and comradery, surrounded as it is by the depravity and uncertainty of the red field beyond, faces an imminent threat in the form of foreign intrusion, violence, but most dire of all – manipulative influence. Hidden behind the facade of cultural exchanges and diplomatic gestures, casual sex and shared drinks, warm smiles and supposed friendships, foreign entities seek to infiltrate and degrade the purity of our society, compromising the values that define us. They would entice us and coax us unto the same Fade they seek out so steadfastly, or to take hollow titles and promises in exchange for treachery, until all that the Family built comes to crumble. As we delve into the depths of this menace, it becomes imperative to recognize the subtleties of these encroachments, discerning the sometimes delicate threads woven by those who would unravel the fabric of our unique way of life.

The Veiled Peril

Whilst Mithuth has faced no shortage of blunt assault in the form of multiple kidnappings or attempts at kidnappings of even the Mother, wrongful bounties, feces and bile and paint being thrown about, belligerent threats in our places of leisure, destructive vandalism, and even outright murder on city grounds, these are wrongs which are easily visible and traceable, and thus easily manageable with the right application of the silken glove and the iron gauntlet. Far greater threats than this serve as the backbone of Mithuth’s architectural direction, with it’s stark stone walls designed to outlast a siege, and it’s myriad points of defense. We must ward against whispers as readily as we do siege cannons, and the deadliest threat of all most often stems from the face of those whom we placed our deepest trust within.

Within the intricate tapestry of our interpersonal relations, we must always remember that the Family stands as our foremost commitment. We must not allow ourselves to be enticed, subdued, degraded and lead astray by the smiling face and whispered promises of the saboteur, for theirs is the way of the Fade, whilst ours if the way of the future. To confront this veiled peril, we must embark on a journey of enlightenment. We must drink deeply of that knowledge which is made available to us in our own libraries, free from he deceptive allure of foreign ideologies. Whilst we gather intelligence in the hostile world that holds us ever at the edge of unseen blades at every direction, we must be mindful to filter it through the lens of pure truth that is known well amongst true loyalists.

As the Masks and Shields of our beloved City of Light, we must elevate our doctrine of unyielding allegiance to unprecedented heights, to protect that which we hold most dear. The Family, the lifeblood of our society, the most beloved children of the Mother, must not only embrace but embody a doctrine of constant suspicion and vigilance, even amongst their own brethren, for corruption seeks always to rend painfully from us those whom we treasure. Only through such measures can we safeguard the future of the leviathan we foster. It is imperative that each and every Lightbearer and loyalist maintain frequent reports of any suspicious behavior to Matron, Patron and Valsharess alike, with none save the Mother being above reproach.

The Imperative of Vigilance

In conclusion, let the call for vigilance resound through the stone-bound chest of the leviathan we inhabit, awakening the spirit of unity in every loyalist’s heart. The true loyalist, learned of the Mother’s teachings, true of heart, clear of mind, will greet their brethren with the firm pound of their left fist against their breast, that it may kindle their heart within. The true loyalist will emblazon letters of correspondence with the press of a blackened, ink-laden left hand, printed on the back of both letter and proclamation. The true loyalist will recognize the black hand as the symbol of their homeland.

As the ominous drumbeat of foreign intrusion grows louder, our people must stand united, vigilant against the forces that seek to undermine our benevolent autonomy. This manifesto serves not only as a guide but as a testament to the resilience of our society in the face of external threats and that we must ever test, always, in all ways, at all times, the loyalty of those whom we hold dear, that we may protect them from the Fade. Let these words serve as a chilling reminder to those amongst the Family who would consider treachery – the would be Agent of Chaos, the hopeful Warlord, the ambitious Populist – others have taken these paths long before you, far beyond our hallowed leviathan’s gaping maw. Whilst they sat upon haunches reminiscing of victories long faded to dust, and whilst they sought the embrace of any that would offer it, the Family built the Shield. Whilst they gossiped as would younglings, guzzling and gobbling their share of excess, the Family crafted the Mask. Whilst they threatened and boasted and pestered in turn, the Family embodied the Poisoned Well. Whilst they lost control and their unity crumbled, we cleaned up their mess, without the need of political attachments or foreign support. Imagine what we might do should we be coaxed into a less benevolent and passive stance. Imagine your fate should you choose treachery.

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