Greetings from Valsharess Shena’la, of House Tza’dorin

You have delved deeply into the labyrinthine, unlit corridors of the cold stone realm beneath the world. Lost, alone in the dark, and at the end of your sanity, you stumble upon an unexpected sight. Magical lights glitter in the void-black expanse ahead like so many twinkling stars of varied color, highlighting the ornate and alien architecture of a thriving underworld metropolis.

You step forward, willing to brave an unknown civilization in lieu of a sure death amongst the endless shadow you narrowly escaped. As you enter the sprawling city, formed of crystal, stone and unforgiving steel, you are confronted by a diminutive dark elven woman who appraises you with overt apprehension. She scarcely stands out from the darkness of the massive cavernous chamber, bearing dusky, obsidian-hued skin broken only by silvery hair and distrusting, crimson-colored eyes which seek to weigh and measure you as if gauging the value of your very existence.

In a methodical tone she states, “Welcome to Mithuth, City of Light. If you are here, it means you are meant to be here, or you are meant for nothing. Choose wisely.”

A frigid, practiced smile then forms on her lips, as if playing a game where only she knew the rules in full.