Welcome to the City of Mithuth…

An oppressive, pitch darkness engulfs you as you enter a massive cavern city. The initial gloom is punctuated by magical lighting in hues of crimson, purple and a pallid shade of green, struggling in vein to stave off the encroaching shadows all about.

Above your head, suspended from the cavern ceiling, buildings of strange geometry may be seen, glaring down judgmentally and yet invitingly, for the foreboding structures are the source of much excited conversation and music. Furthermore, the poignant scents of dishes of both local and exotic origins waft from within.

You have entered the City of Mithuth, a domain under the rule of House Tzadorin. The fusion of jagged and angular Drow architecture has been intertwined with design cues from the ziggurats more aligned with surface desert regions. Grim and bleak darkness is juxtaposed against a clear emphasis on entertainment and forbidden delights.

Mithuth means Sin in the Drow language. 

Will you discover it's secrets?